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Have you been looking for a Mary Kay business model review?

Or you had come across some stupid reviews that like to use the word Scam; do not let that fool you and stop you from knowing the real truth about the Mary Kay MLM business system.

Here you would be able to take a closer look at Mary Kay business model, unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products nor do I promote their business opportunity) so that you can take a complete honest decision toward that great opportunity.

Mary Kay is a well established business model and like all networking businesses, the key for success is knowing how get leads and more leads.

A little more on that later, shall we?

A Mary Kay honest review

Mary Kay

Mary Kay

One of the best things you can do before jumping into bed with any company or business opportunity is to do your due diligence like you are doing now.

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM businesses have really become a hit these days and Mary Kay business model is one that seems to step outside the normal boundaries. Very often, networking models fail because they cannot sustain their own compensation plans. Mary Kay handles this issue very well by focusing on the two things that should always come first: products and distributors.

Mary Kay Business Model Product Line

For those who aren’t well acquainted with the company, Mary Kay business model primarily markets cosmetics. This is not limited to just women’s cosmetics though since they do have their own line of men’s fragrances. They also have men’s skin care products as well. For the most part they sell fragrances, skin care, and make-up products. All of their products are made in China and the USA.

When you become a distributor for Mary Kay, you begin with the $100 start kit. Of course there’s still the cost of shipping and handling depending on where you live. What you get with the starter kit is a good enough supply of products for a small demo (sufficient to market to around thirty people) and a lot of marketing aids. This includes brochures, catalogs of other products, how-to guides, and more.

Another perk is that you are also given the tools for your own Mary Kay business model Online Personalized Website. This allows you to create your own website so that customers can log on and order products, and when they do, you earn a commission. The great thing about this is that everything is readily designed so that you can get it up and running even if you have no programming skills.

The Mary Kay Business Model Compensation Plan

Mary Kay wouldn’t be a profitable MLM business without a strong compensation plan. Now this is where Mary Kay business model sets itself apart from most of the competition. Yes, it does put a lot of effort in establishing a good team and recruiting others to follow under your ladder but a key element that attracts a lot of people is its high commission rate.

In other similar businesses you earn the same way a retailer would: you bought it for $30 and sold it for $45, the $15 is yours. Mary Kay handles things differently by letting you earn via commissions. Now depending on how many products you order and how many you sell, you can even earn as much as 50% purely on commissions. This is without taking into consideration the commissions that you earn from those under your ladder (again, up to 50%).

Then there are the leadership programs that allow you to go up the ladder. Each step up mostly involves more products and more people under your supervision, therefore earning you even more commissions from everybody’s sales.

Selling Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Recruiting Leads on Complete Auto-Pilot Here

Another one of the main strengths of Mary Kay business model is its marketing strategy. You don’t have to work purely online, trying to sell items on Facebook or eBay, although this is the preferred method since it is easier to attain an audience and steady cash flow. If you want to focus entirely offline you can do so, especially with the quarterly catalog. Customers can either use the catalog to order products directly from you or from your website.

Now that you have a full understanding on how the Mary Kay business model works, if you decide to join that network opportunity; I congratulate you on your decision; because I believe that being able to run the “Mary Kay”  model online give you infinite possibilities to win and to win big too. Now you will need to use a proven marketing system to produce leads on demand without cold calling and bothering friends and family. The world is your market place. Now, if you have no idea where to start to build your business, I suggest you take a look at our offer below, by clicking on the image or the links on this article.

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